Monday, 31 January 2011

Adult section & Charity Release ...

Adult Section
I have been steadily plucking ideas from my brain (yes I do have one!) with various mould designs and soap fragrances I can do, Having a recent big wedding order come through, gave me a few nudges towards the summer season.
I know summer = weddings, weddings = Hen/Stag nights, so what better way to celebrate than adding bags of miniatures including soap Willies, nipples, sperm & even a large Willy for the Hen?!
These will all come wrapped in Cello-bags, tied with curling ribbon and even complete with personalised tags! and apart from the ''big one'', will be sold in bags of 10+ for as little as £3.50 - Now that is a sure bargain =)

Last year we raised just over £70 for The Black Shuck MCC Christmas toy run (Not bad from just selling a few cards!) and knew this year we needed to support a charity again, having asked around with the facebook fans, and using what brain cells I have left, Waxy decided to support Cancer Research UK.
We have been in telephone contact with a volunteer from CR UK, who kindly emailed us an Authorisation letter (Which can be seen on another section of our Blog), and asked our fans to come up with ideas of items we could make and sell. So far we have 2 items selected from ideas that a great lady, Eunice, came up with, named ''Ribbons of Hope'' & ''Waxys slice of Charity'', We hope to have these, along with many others, available on our site next month in their very own section.

Can you help?
As mentioned above, our 2 soap products so far for CR UK are ideas put forward from a fan/customer. We are still looking to add more, and would appreciate ideas from YOU! All we want is the idea in a short paragraph, explaining design/fragrance/colour etc etc, If we like your idea and want to add it to our site, Not only will you get to name it, BUT you will also receive a FREE tester of that item once it has been made.
Remember, these items will be helping a great charity!

I think this just about covers us for now, so I'm off for a brew before tackling some washing then food! Happy Monday all =)

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Handmade soap by US!

We are delighted to announce that we have taken it upon ourselves to make & sell soap to you - This means we can keep prices lower than soaps we buy direct.
We have spent some time researching the various prices, and glad to say our prices are cheaper than a majority on the market - this does NOT mean these are of less quality, it just means we are always happy to do as we can to share our creations =)

Now, we don't have to much of a selection yet, this is purely so we can see how sales go over the next few weeks, if we prove to be a success, then we will happily add more - but we are always looking for ideas, so if you fancy a soap that isn't on the site, just pop us a message and we will bare it in mind for our next batch of soap up-grading!

I would like to make a recommendation as to what is on offer so far - and that would be the gorgeous Chocolate Orange scented soap and the 'Mum' bar ... These really are delicious in real life!

We are currently working on ideas for upcoming 'seasons' ... Unfortunately we don't think we could be ready for valentines. But are already gearing up for Mothers and fathers day!!!

A sneak peak of what's to come for the men .... *Hint* ... Guinness ... That's all we are going to say XD

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Busy Busy Busy - Brain freeze!

Oh my days - I have never been so mentally busy since learning to walk as a toddler!

These last few weeks have been full to the brim with new and exciting ideas for Waxy, I don't want to give to much away, but a few subtle hints have been thrown around on our Facebook group.
Also anyone with a beady eye (There are a few!) will have noticed our announcements of 2 new releases we have mentioned so far!

1) - Party planning consultants - We are in the process of finalising all insurance details and package designs, But in the very near future will be releasing our new party packs. More information will be released closer to time, but in the mean time, If you think you would like to be part of our Party team, then why not drop us an E-mail!

2) - Sister site opens! - We are pleased to announce the grand opening of our sister site Bubble 'n' Sudz. To make it easier for our customers & fans to see what we have to offer, we thought having a separate site just for our bath time treats would be more efficient. Although no items are yet available to purchase from here, we have uploaded some picture of items that are due in stock very soon! Website Info
Also some of you may have noticed our website is currently unavailable - This is still an active site BUT we have decided to close it temporarily to compare sales via Facebook. Do not worry, the site WILL be back up & running once it has has a revamp =)

You can help us!
We promise that over this year, we will be releasing some great new lines - But as always, we welcome any ideas to our store front! Just pop a message where you feel happy to do so. We always look into each idea, and may even ask fellow fans of their opinions on your idea too!